Here is the list of frequently asked questions pertaining to marketplace integrations with Uniware.

General Questions

1. What is the purpose of markeplace integration, how will it benefit the marketplaces?

With integrated marketplaces it becomes easy for the sellers to manage their product details, update inventory and process orders from multiple marketplaces collectively in Uniware. Indirectly it also benefits the marketplaces by improving customer experience due to timely order processing, timely update of out-of-stock inventory etc.

2. How to get started with the integration and what is the complete process?

As a first step go through the Basic Overview page to understand the integration flow. The flow mentions both the mandatory and non-mandatory APIs involved in integration.

The page also lists the Elementary and Conditional APIs for ease of understanding. Now, that you know what all information is shared between Uniware and marketplaces, identify which all APIs are relevant to you (as a thumb rule start with the elementary ones) and refer their respective page(s) to understand the expected request/response structure.

Get in touch with our solutioning team in case of doubts and post that start developing these APIs. Once the APIs are ready we will assist you in testing those APIs and after successful testing the channel will be live on Uniware. The sellers can now enter their credentials and add the channel on Uniware.

3. How to know which APIs are mandatory?

The usage details i.e. whether it is mandatory or not is mentioned on their individual pages, under Basic Information.

4. What is the standard URL format?

Standard URL: https://{MarketplaceBaseUrl}/{endpoint}?{query parameters}.

{MarketplaceBaseUrl} : link where the APIs are hosted by marketplace.

{endpoint} : mentioned on API page under Basic Information.

{query parameters} : mentioned on API page.

The sample URL is provided for reference on individual API pages also.

5. Can we set the endpoint (custom URL format) for sending the request?

No, the URL should be as per our format only.

6. How to know the default frequency of any API?

The default frequency for relevant APIs is provided on their individual pages, under Basic Information.

7. Can we customize the default API frequency?

No, the default frequency for any APIs cannot be changed. However, the seller can manually run the APIs from the Uniware, if required.

8. Is there a master login for MarketPlace where They can see all common sellers and their opertaions?

No, this is direct API integration with Seller’s UC account to individual channel.

9. How as a market place we (channel) can keep track of merchants on UC and their opertaions?

No, As stated earlier, this is direct API integration with Seller’s UC account to individual channels. So the channel needs to figure out externally how they can track such activities at their Dashboard. if required.

10. Is there any customization possible in this integration which is not handled in listed APIs?

No, As stated earlier this is one time Generic integration, MP can only opt the listed APIs, for any customization or enhancement asked by MP will term as custom integration not Generic and will subject to monetization scope after reviewing the product feasibility.


Who will handle the authentication and issue the access token?

The markeplaces needs to share the username and password for the Uniware to make request as described in Get Authentication and in response issue the access token for use by Uniware in subsequent API calls.

Inventory Update

No, In this Generic MP Integration seller can only process orders through UC. So we recommend MP to use all mandatory (OMS) APIs. Else, inventory and status can not be handled successfully in UC with other (WMS) related tasks.

How soon is the out-of-stock inventory update posted on marketplace?

Any item going out-of-stock is updated on markeplace every 2 minutes. Refer Post Inventory Update API.

Order Processing

1. What is the use of order statuse API?

An order can have multiple items (referred as order items). Now an order can be cancelled partially, in that case order we need status of order items to mark cancelled in UC.Also, once order is processed though UC and Shipping is handled by MP in that case also we need post dispatched statuses like delivered or return. Refer Get Orders API to know more about their individual statuses.

2. How are order statuses different from order item statuses?

An order can have multiple items (referred as order items). Now an order can be cancelled partially, in which case the order status could differ from the order item status. Refer Get Orders API to know more about there individual statuses.

3. How does UC support multi box packing?

An order with single orderitem with multi qty can not be fulfilled in multibox. But an order having multiple items (referred as order items) with respective qty can be splitted into multiple packages based on order item ids to fulfill differently.(this package split is a void case and subject to MP operation if shipping is handled by MP itself, via ThirdPartShipping = true)

4. Can we resend the order label details post generation the label in UC?

No, the order label data should be sent as per final selected details.

5. Can we send the order label details in pdf format?

No, the order label data should be sent in base64 encoded string.

6. Can we send the manifest in pdf format?

Yes, it is expected to send the link to download manifest in pdf format.


How are return order status handled in Uniware?

Refer Get Order Status API to know about return order status handling in Uniware.

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