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This REST API is used to fetch label or Label with channel-Invoice/Pack-slip in base64 encoded string from the marketplace. This is required only when the orders are shipped by the marketplace allocated logistics.


  • This API is used only when the orders are shipped by the marketplace.
  • It is recommended to check out Notes for the reader. You might find this helpful as it contains Guidelines for using API references and Terminologies used here.




Complete integration flow is available on Basic Overview page.

Basic Information

Usage: Optional
Endpoint: /orders/labels
Request Type: GET
Scheme: HTTPS
Header (Content-Type): application/json
Header (apiKey): accessToken (got from Get Authentication)

Sample URL


Query Parameters

orderItemIds string ItemsId or ItemIds (comma separated) as applicable Yes For order with multiple order items send all ItemIds separated by comma

Response Payload


Download labels?orderItemIds={orderId}


It is mandatory to send the order label or (label with invoice) in base64 encoded string which can then be converted to PDF for printing.

Error Codes

Refer Response Codes section to know about specific errors codes.


Q1. In case of this API, the response payload is
“Download labels?orderItemIds={orderId}, does that mean that labels cannot be downloaded or generated by API?
Ans. Yes, they can be generated and fetched. This has to passed as a base64 encoded format, without any commas or without any field.

Q2. How can channel provides their own invoice to customers when they prefer not to utilize the generated invoices from the UC system?
Ans. In this case, channel team can generate the invoice on their end and then include the label along with the invoice and pass in the API response, following the above defined format.

Q3. Can we generate labels when we are not generating invoice from UC side?
Ans. Yes, we can generate them as both the tasks (label apis and invoie api) are not dependent on each other in any way.

Q4. What will be the response payload for this API?
Ans. It is mandatory to send the order label or (label with invoice) in base64 encoded string which can be converted to PDF for printing.

Q5. Will UC handle the PDF generation at its own level or MP will provide PDF file also?
Ans. It can be done from either side. It depends on the workflow that MP opts for.

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