Using the Uniware APIs

This section of document describes the Uniware’s exposed REST APIs for consumption of our Enterprise clients to cater their diversified operational needs.

The clients can get in touch with our solutioning experts to discuss the application of our order and warehouse management APIs as per their existing operational flow and check feasibility of customizations. Before starting with the APIs it is recommended to go through our Overview section, which contains pages to understand:

  • Sale order management flow: this page describes the sale order consolidation and processing flow followed in Uniware. It covers the sale order specific definitions, forward and reverse delivery flows and user roles in Uniware. The forward and reverse delivery flows depict the statuses for order, order item and shipment at each stage for better understanding.
  • Warehouse management: this page describes the typical warehouse process which includes facility administration, vendor management, products handling, inbound and outbound processes.


Now, that the developer has fair idea of our solutions, the APIs described in below listed sub-sections are digestible and bear relevance. The Uniware APIs for ease of understanding and quick search are bifurcated into following topics:

  • AUTHENTICATION: mentions APIs related to access token and renew access token.
  • INBOUND: mentions APIs related to vendor, vendor item type, purchase order, goods receive note (GRN) and put-away.
  • PRODUCT: mentions APIs related to category and item type.
  • INVENTORY: mentions APIs related to inventory snapshot, inventory adjustment and markfound.
  • SALE ORDER: mentions APIs related to customer and sale order (creation, modification, verification, priority setting, searching, mark-returned and cancellation).
  • FULFILLMENT: mentions APIs related to invoice, shipping package, shipping label, shipping manifest and shipment tracking.
  • RETURNS: mentions APIs related to mark sale order returned, create reverse pick-up and create and accept alternate item.
  • OUTBOUND: mentions APIs related to gatepass.
  • EXPORT JOB: mentions APIs related to export job (creation and status checking).

Important Points

  • In some Uniware REST APIs Level is defined under Basic Information. For APIs which are at Facility level, it is mandatory to send the Faciltiy Code in the header. To know where to find facility code, refer FAQs.
  • For some entities, Unicommerce supports creation of customizable fields which are available in the applicable APIs as Custom Fields. Unicommerce team can create them as per client requirement to specify any additional key value pair. These can be made mandatory, if required.
  • To start using these APIs, first create the user in Uniware, then set the password for the user. These username and password are required to get Authentication.
  • Ensure the user (using these APIs) is an Admin and has access to the appropriate facility to do the necessary updates.
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