Post Order Dispatch

This REST API is used to notify the marketplace that the order has been dispatched from the warehouse. It is initiated once the order has been picked by the courier partner from warehouse.


It is recommended to check out Notes for the reader. You might find this helpful as it contains Guidelines for using API references and Terminologies used here.




Complete integration flow is available on Basic Overview page.

Basic Information

Usage: Optional
Endpoint: /orders/dispatch
Request Type: POST
Scheme: HTTPS
Header (Content-Type): application/json
Header (apiKey): accessToken (got from Get Authentication)

Request Payload


The details in selfshipping array shall be passed only if the shipping is done by seller itself and not by the marketplace.

  "orderItems": [
      "orderItemId": "string",
      "quantity": 0,
      "centralGstPercentage": 0,
      "compensationCessPercentage": 0,
      "integratedGstPercentage": 0,
      "stateGstPercentage": 0,
      "taxRate": 0,
      "unionTerritoryGstPercentage": 0
  "selfShipping": {
    "deliveryPartner": "Shiprocket",
    "deliveryCourier": "Bluedart",
    "dispatchDate": "2017-01-22T08:12:53",
    "invoiceDate": "2017-01-22",
    "invoiceNumber": "SOI00930",
    "tentativeDeliveryDate": "2017-01-30T08:12:53",
    "trackingId": "string",
    "trackingURL": "URL"

Request Payload Details

1 orderItems - List of items in an order - -
1.1 orderItemId string Item ID Yes -
1.2 quantity integer Quantity of the item dispatched Yes -
1.3 taxPercentage number Tax percentage As applied -
1.4 centralGstPercentage number Central GST percentage As applied -
1.5 stateGstPercentage number State GST percentage As applied -
1.6 unionTerritoryGstPercentage number UT GST percentage As applied -
1.7 integratedGstPercentage number IGST percentage As applied -
1.8 compensationCessPercentage number Compensation cess percentage As applied -
2 selfShipping - Details of shipping provider As applied Pass by UC only in case of seller defined shipping i.g. if thirdPartyShipping= False in order API
2.1 deliveryPartner string Code of shipping service provider As applied -
2.2 deliveryCourier string Code of End shipping provider As applied -
2.3 dispatchDate date Date of Dispatch from UC As applied Format: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss+05:30 Eg: 2017-01-02T08:12:53+05:30 (for Indian time zone)
2.4 invoiceDate date Date of invoice from UC As applied Format: yyyy-MM-dd, Eg: 2017-01-22
2.5 invoiceNumber string invoice No. generated, Eg: SOI00930 As applied Format: in case of channel generated invoice ChannelCode in UC-invoiceNumber e.g: ChannelXYZ-SI-22-23-1000345 and for UC generated invoice invoiceNumber e.g: SI-22-23-1000345
2.6 tentativeDeliveryDate date tentative Delivery Date As applied Format: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss+05:30 Eg: 2017-01-02T08:12:53+05:30 (for Indian time zone)
2.7 trackingId string Way bill no. (shipment tracking no.) As applied Eg: 12BHDESKFASLK
2.8 trackingURL string Tracking URL As applied -

Response Payload

  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "orderItems": [
      "orderItemId": "47123",
      "errorMessage": ""
      "orderItemId": "47124",
      "errorMessage": ""

Response Payload Details

1 status string Status of the request Yes Allowable: SUCCESS, FAILED, PARTIAL_SUCCESS
2 orderItems array - - -
2.1 orderItemId string Order Item ID which is marked dispatched No -
2.2 errorMessage string Error message (if any otherwise blank) No -

Error Codes

Refer Response Codes section to know about specific errors codes.


Q1. Is tracking ID same as AWB number?
Ans. Yes, it’s the same thing.

Q2. If the seller is using self shipping and the MP need not generate a label at their end, then how or through which API does UC send courier details?
Ans. We can use Post Order Dispatch API for this purpose. The details in “selfshipping” array in API

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