1. How to get started with the integration and what is the complete process?

For additional details about this integration, please reach out to our sales team for further assistance with the commercial aspect with you with your specific requirements to ensure optimal support. Get in touch with our solutioning team in case of doubts and post that start developing these APIs. Once the APIs are ready we will assist you in testing those APIs and after successful testing the channel will be live on Uniware.

2. As a partner, what is the procedure for reporting concerns regarding seller issues and monitoring merchant operations on UC?

For seller-specific concerns on current integration flow, It is recommended to submit a case/ticket to UC support chat and share the details with us: Ref support ticket Id : -------------- e.g. UC1566** Uniware Account Name: ------------- e.g. XYZABC.unicommerce.com RCA From Partner side: ------------- Detailed observation basis of impacted APIs name or action taken through in UC

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