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This document serves as the reference point for fellow developers to understand the Unicommerce’s public REST APIs for various integrations. It will be our constant endeavour to keep the information provided here up-to-date and validated for reference of our readers.

Brief on Integrations

It is our keen interest to simplify integration of various E-commerce enabling solutions with our proprietary order and warehouse management SaaS software UNIWARE. This document furnishes precise details of our public APIs in the following sections, talking about integration flows and individual API references.

Such Integrations will Support:

  • Sellers who otherwise need to operate through interfaces of multiple marketplaces and shippers for order processing and inventory management.
  • Large enterprises who have their own technology stacks for different functions, in their order and warehouse management pain areas.

Integration Mechanism:

The Uniware supports following types of mechanism for integration making our system flexible and customizable to cater diverse integration needs:

  • PULL BASED: Uniware could pull information from external systems based on a pre-defined time frequency. Eg.: Marketplaces.
  • PUSH BASED: External systems could push the information to Uniware as soon as an event happens. Eg.: Navision ERP application.

Information Layout

For quick reference of our readers the information here is divided into two main sections:

Integration APIs for Partners

We consider all (but not limited to) sales channels (marketplaces), logistics providers (shippers), ERP tools, accounting solutions and omni-channel solutions (POS providers) our Partners, who like us, are working towards building an ecosystem for sellers to enjoy seamless ecommerce experience. This section mentions the integration REST APIs for reference of their developers. They can navigate to their respective documentation using the link provided below:

Uniware APIs for Clients

For all the existing Uniware users who are keen to expand their operations or the interested enterprise clients willing to onboard Uniware for order and warehouse management solutions can refer this section for understanding the exposed UNIWARE APIs structure and usage. This section mentions the REST APIs for reference of their developers. They can refer to the desired documention pertaining to authentication, warehouse setup, inbound and outbound processes, order creation and processing amongst others listed below:

  • AUTHENTICATION: mentions APIs related to access token and renew access token.
  • INBOUND: mentions APIs related to vendor, vendor item type, purchase order, goods receive note (GRN) and put-away.
  • PRODUCT: mentions APIs related to category and item type.
  • INVENTORY: mentions APIs related to inventory snapshot, inventory adjustment and markfound.
  • SALE ORDER: mentions APIs related to customer and sale order (creation, modification, verification, priority setting, searching, mark-returned and cancellation).
  • FULFILLMENT: mentions APIs related to invoice, shipping package, shipping label, shipping manifest and shipment tracking.
  • RETURNS: mentions APIs related to mark sale order returned, create reverse pick-up and create and accept alternate item.
  • OUTBOUND: mentions APIs related to gatepass.
  • EXPORT JOB: mentions APIs related to export job (creation and status checking).
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