Here are the sale order API resources pertaining to majorly sale order processing (forward delivery) in Uniware. The return (reverse delivery) APIs are mentioned under Returns. A basic usage description for the sale order resources is provided here for easy navigation to the desired API.


  • To understand the sale order processing in Uniware, refer the Sale Order Management page.
  • These APIs are either tenant level or facility level. The applicable level for each API can be referred under the Basic Information heading.


Create Shipping Package To create shipping package for a sale order in Uniware.
Update Shipping Package To update shipping package details in Uniware, such as box dimensions, weight, shipping provider, tracking no., etc.
Modify Shipping Package To modify shipping package items in Uniware.
Get Shipping Packages To fetch shipping packages from Uniware based on shipment status.
Get Shipping Package Details To fetch shipping package details such as order items, billing address, etc. from Uniware using shipping package code.
Create Invoice To create invoice for a shipment in Uniware.
Create Invoice and Label by Shipping Package Code To transfer shipment from Created to Ready to Ship state and generate invoice and shipping label. Response will give a data stream of label pdf which can be converted into pdf file.
Create Invoice with Sale Order Code To create invoice using sale order code and product tax information in Uniware.
Create Invoice with Details To create invoice in Uniware by posting required invoice details in request body.
Get Invoice Details To fetch invoice details from Uniware using shipping package code.
Get Invoice Pdf by Invoice Code To fetch invoice print from Uniware using invoice code.
Get Invoice Label To fetch invoice from Uniware using shipping package code.
Check Serviceability To check pincode serviceability for sale order processing by configured shipping provider or aggregator in Uniware. Also to check the COD feasibility for a pincode.
Allocate Shipping Provider To allocate a shipping provider or aggregator to a shipment in Uniware.
Create Shipping Manifest To create shipping manifest in Uniware. The manifest remains specific to a channel from where the order is booked and the shipping provider.
Add Shipping Package to Manifest To add shipping package(s) to a manifest in Uniware by scanning shipments or passing shipment codes.
Close Shipping Manifest To close shipping manifest in Uniware using shipping manifest code.
Get Shipping Manifest To fetch shipping manifest details from Uniware using shipping manifest code.
Mark Dispatched To mark multiple shipment(s) dispatched in Uniware using shipping package code.
Force Dispatch Shipping Package To mark single shipment dispatched in Uniware using shipping package code with other details.
Create and Mark Dispatched To create shipping packages in Uniware and mark them dispatched.
Update Tracking Status To post updated shipment status in Uniware.
Mark Item Delivered To update delivery status of sale order item(s) as delivered in Uniware.
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