Create Shipping Manifest

This REST API is used to create shipping manifest in Uniware. The manifest remains specific to a channel from where the order is booked and the shipping provider.


It is recommended to check out Notes for the reader. You might find this helpful as it contains Guidelines for using API references and Terminologies used here.

Basic Information

Endpoint: /services/rest/v1/oms/shippingManifest/create
Request Type: POST
Level: Tenant
Scheme: HTTPS
Header (Content-Type): application/json
Header (Authorization): bearer {access-token}, Eg.: bearer b30f3aea-7978-49bb-9ea7-33eddfc80afa

Request Payload

   "channel": "string",
   "shippingProviderCode": "string",
   "shippingProviderName": "string",
   "shippingMethodCode": "string",
   "comments": "string",
   "thirdPartyShipping": true,
   "customFieldValues": [
         "name": "string",
         "value": "string"
   "shippingProviderIsAggregator": "boolean",
   "shippingCourier": "string"

Request Payload Details

1 channel string Channel name Yes -
2 shippingProviderCode string Shipping provider code No -
3 shippingProviderName string Shipping provider name No -
4 shippingMethodCode string The shipping method of the order No -
5 comments string Comments No -
6 thirdPartyShipping boolean true if the shipping to end customer is taken care by the Marketplace. false for self shipping Yes -
7 customFieldValues list Custom field details No -
7.1 name string Custom field name Yes -
7.2 value string Custom field value No -
8 shippingProviderIsAggregator boolean true if shipping provider is aggregator No -
9 shippingCourier string Shipping provider name as lastmile No if shipping Provider Is Aggregator

Response Payload

   "successful": true,
   "message": "string",
   "errors": [
         "code": 0,
         "fieldName": "string",
         "description": "string",
         "message": "string",
         "errorParams": {
            "additionalProp1": {},
            "additionalProp2": {},
            "additionalProp3": {}
   "warnings": [
         "code": 0,
         "message": "string",
         "description": "string"
   "shippingManifestId": 0,
   "shippingManifestCode": "string"

Response Payload Details

1 successful true Request success status -
2 message string Response message -
3 errors list List of errors (if any) -
3.1 code number Error code -
3.2 fieldName string Field with error -
3.3 description string Error description -
3.4 message string Error message -
3.5 errorParams object Parameters with error -
3.5.1 additionalProp1 object Parameter 1 with error -
3.5.2 additionalProp2 object Parameter 2 with error -
3.5.3 additionalProp3 object Parameter 3 with error -
4 warnings list List of warnings (if any) -
4.1 code number Warning code -
4.2 message string Warning message -
4.3 description string Warning description -
5 shippingManifestId number Shipping manifest ID -
6 shippingManifestCode string Shipping manifest code -

Error Codes

Refer Response Codes section to know about specific errors codes.

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