Here are the product API resources pertaining to majorly category creation or updation, SKU creation or updation, getting SKU details and searching SKUs in Uniware. A basic usage description for the available resources is provided here for easy navigation to the desired API.


Before you read any further, it is important to understand meaning of following terms:

Tax Class : a tax class is a tax distribution applicable for a specific category of SKUs. By tax distribution we mean the applicable tax components in percentage that is CGST, IGST, STGST, UTGST and Compensation Cess. As the tax applicable for the SKU varies based on its type or category and the transaction type (intra-state or inter-state), it is required to create different tax classes in Uniware.

Category : a product category is a group of SKUs with similar functionality such as electronics, apparel, furnishings etc.

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) : it is a warehousing term used for products and more specifically means a unique type of product. In a warehouse each product which is uniquely identifiable is a separate SKU.

Item : each SKU can have multiple quantities in inventory, tracked by the same SKU code as explained already. However, in some cases, each unit of the same SKU is uniquely identified. For instance, each unit of iphone 7 64 GB red color, is uniquely identified by a barcode. Therefore, each unit of a SKU which is uniquely identified is referred as an item.

Scope of SKU

A SKU is a tenant level entity, which means the SKU name, code and description will remain same for all the facilities/warehouses of a tenant. However, the stock of these SKUs is maintained individually on each facility.


Create or Update Category To create or update category in Uniware.
Create or Update Item To create or update item in Uniware.
Create or Update Items To create or update multiple items in Uniware.
Get Item Details To fetch item details from Uniware.
Search Item(s) To search items in Uniware using predefined filters.
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