Post Status Notification

This REST API is used to update the order item status to the channel source for any change in the shipping package state for forward flow and for any change in reverse pickup item state for reverse flow in Uniware.


It is recommended to check out Notes for the reader. You might find this helpful as it contains Guidelines for using API references and Terminologies used here.


Complete integration flow is available on Basic Overview page.

Basic Information

Usage: Optional
Endpoint: /order/{:orderId} Here Orderid value would be a variable
Request Type: POST
Scheme: HTTPS
Header (Content-Type): application/json
Header (apiKey): accessToken (got from Get Authentication)

Request Payload

"orderItems" :[
    "orderItemId" : "string",

"status" : "string", 

"IsReverse" : false,

"courier_status" : "string",

"updated" : "Mar 8, 2021 7:12:31 PM"}

    {"orderItemId" : "string"

"status" : "string", 

"IsReverse" : true,

"courier_status" : "string",

"updated" : "Mar 9, 2021 8:12:31 PM"}



Request Payload Details

1 orderItems - - - -
1.1 orderItemId string Order Item Id present inside each Order Yes -
1.2 IsReverse boolean true- for Reverse pickup false- for Forward shipment Yes -
1.3 updated date Timestamp of the given status update in Unicommerce Yes MMM DD, YYYY hh:mm:ss PM/AM eg: Mar 8, 2021 7:12:31 PM
1.4 status string shipping package status for forward cases, reverse pickup item status for reverse cases Yes Forward status values that will be sent: CREATED, LOCATION_NOT_SERVICEABLE, PICKING, PICKED, PENDING_CUSTOMIZATION, CUSTOMIZATION_COMPLETE, PACKED, READY_TO_SHIP, SPLITTED, CANCELLED, MERGED, MANIFESTED, DISPATCHED, SHIPPED, DELIVERED, RETURN_EXPECTED, RETURN_ACKNOWLEDGED, RETURNED Reverse status values that will be sent: CREATED, COMPLETE, CANCELLED, NOT_RECEIVED
1.5 courier_status string Shipping provider status which we fetch from downstream courier partners As applied -

Success Response Payload

    "orderItems": [],
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "error": "string"

Error Response Payload

    "orderItems": [
            "orderItemId": "string",
            "errorMessage": "item was not able to update"
    "status": "FAILED",
    "error": " updated through kartify-orderStatusUpdate Order item id 16541630 was not able to update"

Response Payload Details

1 orderItems list List of items in an order - -
1.1 orderItemId string Order ID of the orders No -
1.2 errorMessage string Reason of failure No -
2 status string Send Success after cancellation is acknowledged Yes Allowable: SUCCESS, FAILED, PARTIAL_SUCCESS

Error Codes

Refer Response Codes section to know about specific errors codes.

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