Get Shipping Packages

This REST API is used to fetch shipping packages from Uniware based on shipment status.


It is recommended to check out Notes for the reader. You might find this helpful as it contains Guidelines for using API references and Terminologies used here.

Basic Information

Endpoint: /services/rest/v1/oms/shippingPackage/getShippingPackages
Request Type: POST
Level: Facility
Scheme: HTTPS
Header (Content-Type): application/json
Header (Authorization): bearer {access-token}, Eg.: bearer b30f3aea-7978-49bb-9ea7-33eddfc80afa

Shipment Status

  • For Forward Delivery:

    1. CREATED: shipment(s) created for an order.
    2. LOCATION_NOT_SERVICEABLE: delivery location not serviceable.
    3. PICKING: item to be picked from the storage area.
    4. PICKED: item picked from storage area.
    5. PACKED: invoicing done and the shipment is packed.
    6. READY_TO_SHIP: label generated and the shipment is now ready to ship.
    7. CANCELLED: the shipment is no longer valid for taking any action.
    8. MANIFESTED: manifest created and closed for shipments.
    9. DISPATCHED: the shipment is dispatched.
    10. SHIPPED: shipment is shipped by shipper to customer.
    11. DELIVERED: shipment is delivered to customer.
    12. PENDING_CUSTOMIZATION: order pending for customization.
    13. CUSTOMIZATION_COMPLETE: order customization complete.
  • For Reverse Delivery:

    2. RETURNED: shipment returned to seller (warehouse).
    3. SPLITTED: a shipment is divided into many small shipments for separate delivery.
    4. RETURN_ACKNOWLEDGED: the warehouse acknowledges the receipt of returned shipment(s).
    5. MERGED: many small shipments are combined as single shipment for collective delivery.

Request Payload

   "statusCode": "string"

Request Payload Details

statusCode string Status code of shipping package Yes -

Response Payload

   "successful": true,
   "message": "string",
   "errors": [
         "code": 0,
         "fieldName": "string",
         "description": "string",
         "message": "string",
         "errorParams": {
            "additionalProp1": {},
            "additionalProp2": {},
            "additionalProp3": {}
   "warnings": [
         "code": 0,
         "message": "string",
         "description": "string"
   "shippingPackages": [

Response Payload Details

1 successful true Request success status -
2 message string Response message -
3 errors list List of errors (if any) -
3.1 code number Error code -
3.2 fieldName string Field with error -
3.3 description string Error description -
3.4 message string Error message -
3.5 errorParams object Parameters with error -
3.5.1 additionalProp1 object Parameter 1 with error -
3.5.2 additionalProp2 object Parameter 2 with error -
3.5.3 additionalProp3 object Parameter 3 with error -
4 warnings list List of warnings (if any) -
4.1 code number Warning code -
4.2 message string Warning message -
4.3 description string Warning description -
5 shippingPackages list List of shipping packages -

Error Codes

Refer Response Codes section to know about specific errors codes.

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