Warehouse Management

The warehouse management at large comprises of all the warehouse internal processes vital for its operation. This includes facility administration, vendor management, products handling, incoming inventory processing (inbound) and outgoing inventory processing (outbound).

Warehouse Process Description

The Uniware REST APIs allows deep integration with diverse warehouse processes and ERP tools. Our APIs are designed keeping note of the diversification of processes from one warehouse to another and their different business operational needs. We are working towards including each edge case and better integrations to streamline the warehouse operation.


Here we are describing the major warehouse processes in detail for easy understaning of our readers. The API references for these processes are mentioned in the later part of this document.


    • Vendor Management
    • Purchase Order
    • Goods Receive Note (GRN)
    • Put-away

    • Category
    • Item Type

    • Snapshot
    • Inventory Update
    • Mark Found

    • Item Scan
    • Gatepass
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