Notes for the Reader

Basic Pointers

  • Specify date in UTC format as yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss (Eg: 2017-01-02T08:12:53).
  • To pass more than one values for a parameter, separate them with commas (,).


Allowable : is the set of valid values for that parameter, only these case-sensitive values should be passed.

Default : is the default value for that parameter.

Eg. : is the example of correct parameter value.

Fixed : is the fixed value for a parameter that should not be changed.

Opt : is the optional parameter. The available option is mentioned in the notes.

Rec : is the recommended option.

Order : an order is a request by customer to purchase a single item or multiple items. An order can have items from multiple sellers on marketplace.

Order Item : each unique item in an order is termed as order item. An order can have multiple quantities of a single order item.

Shipment : a shipment is a package containing a single or multiple items of an order. It is important to note that the items in an order can be fulfilled in multiple shipments, even by same seller. Also, a shipment cannot have items from different orders.

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