Post Manifest Details

This REST API is used to get manifest in pdf format from the marketplace. This is required only when the seller is closing the manifest at Uniware.


  • This feature is used only when the seller is closing the manifest at Uniware.
  • It is recommended to check out Notes for the reader. You might find this helpful as it contains Guidelines for using API references and Terminologies used here.




Complete integration flow is available on Basic Overview page.

Basic Information

Usage: Optional
Endpoint: /orders/fetchManifest
Request Type: POST
Scheme: HTTPS
Header (Content-Type): application/json
Header (apiKey): accessToken (got from Get Authentication)

Request Payload

  "courierCode": "string",
  "manifestItems": [
      "orderItemId": "string",
      "status": "PROCESSING",
      "productId": "string",
      "variantId": "string",
      "quantity": 0

Request Payload Details

1 courierCode string - Yes -
2 manifestItems - - - -
2.1 orderItemId string Order Item ID Yes -
2.2 status string Status of the requested order item Yes Allowable: PROCESSING
2.3 productId string Product ID of the item Yes -
2.4 variantId string Variant ID of the item Yes -
2.5 quantity number Qty of the item Yes -

Response Payload

  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "manifestUrl": "https://channelEndpoint/encoded-pdf-file.pdf",
  "orderItems": []

Response Payload (Error)

  "status": "FAILED",
  "manifestUrl": "",
  "orderItems": [
      "orderItemId": "string",
      "errorMessage": "string"

Allowable: SUCCESS, PDF will get generated for printing and in FAILED, orderItems details should be there.

Error Codes

Refer Response Codes section to know about specific errors codes.


Q1. As two manifests can get generated - one from the MP and the other from UC. Which one is prioritised ideally?
Ans. It depends on the MP working design, either UC can fetch it or it can provide the MP with the manifest. It is based on shipment type (third party shipping or self shipment ) or the agreement with LSP whose manifest it has to carry.

Q2. Why PDF of manifest is getting fetched from MP, when seller on UC can perform the function and later, on its dispatch, it can notify the MP using Post Order Dispatch API?
Ans. It is an Optional API. If MP wants its own custom manifest to be handed over to LSP, then that can be prioritised.

Q3. If the merchants are to use a UC dashboard to create manifest, how can MP receive this manifest number for tracking? Alternatively can the MP send manifest numbers to UC while creating manifests?
Ans. No, we don’t send the manifest number. YES, this can be done using the API, The MP can send the complete Manifest PDF to UC.

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